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Why you can Trust Your Neighbourhood Plumber

First, we GUARANTEE to turn up on time.
Second, we GUARANTEE a price before we start work.
Third, we GUARANTEE the work we perform 100%.
Fourth, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a job too large or to small.
Fifth, have peace of mind with our FREE Plumbing & Safety Inspection report.
Sixth, our vehicles are totally equipted for any plumbing job.

Your Neighbourhood Plumber Bondi

The biggest thing is we will be there when we say we will.
The Types of jobs we do daily :
- All general maintenace plumbing jobs
- Leaking tap repairs and washer replacement
- Unclog blocked drains, pipes, shower drains or toilets
- Hot Water tank servicing and repairs
- Gas plumbing Services (new installations or existing repairs)
- Sewer cleaning, repairs and maintenance

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Here's a little story...

Searching for a plumber at 9pm on a Friday night is a pain. They either don’t answer their phones, or you reach a message bank to leave a message that is never returned. Tiffany found herself in this position with a failed hot water system. Failed in the sense that there was water gushing through her laundry from the base of the tank.

She called a couple of emergency plumbers to find nothing but message banks. Then she thought of her local Plumber who tended to her problems within work hours. It was worth a shot. So it was a pleasant surprise to find her Bondi Plumber actually answered! He was at a job around the corner in Bondi Junction, but he would definitely get there that night. To get her out of trouble, he instructed her to shut water off to the tank by turning off the isolation valve, which she quickly did. He then told her that water would continue to flood out, but don’t panic. The only reason water was still pouring out was because the water in the tank had to drain to below the burst section (which unfortunately was at the bottom). But, as the isolation valve had been shut, no more water would be entering the tank, turning a catastrophe into a lesser, more manageable disaster.

Tiffany spent the next hour sopping up water before her phone rang again. Her Bondi Plumber had just finished his job and would be there soon. Even though it was 10.30pm, he was knocking on her door with a smile. He had a look at the tank and gave her quotes to replace the tank. She agreed almost immediately and told him to come back the next morning. At 8am he was on her doorstep again with the new hot water tank, and by lunch time her new tank was heating!

Now she knew who she could rely on for emergency, maintenance or repair work!

If you’re in a bit of a plumbing conundrum and need a hand getting out of it,
call your Neighbourhood Plumber Bondi on 0423 602 654